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  • Thu 12th Oct 2017 - 9:03pm

    Human hair extensions are beautiful, gentle strands slipping through your palms like silk. You spend lots of cash on extensions to make sure that you get that best, excellent appearance continually. However if you are noticing any damage of your hair extension for some time, then don't take a look at just for the hair extensions quality, however additionally for the every day conduct and environmental factors round you.

    Is probably you are the mortal enemies of hair extensions. So, read on to know approximately them and expand conduct that could keep them at bay!

    1. Presence of pollutants inside the air - smog, smoke, fumes, and other styles of air pollution determine your hair extensions and shape a layer above them. This hampers their look and makes them look stupid and dusty. Except unfavorable the arrival of hair extensions, these air pollutants can dry the extensions. So, if you have any terrible habit of smoking or you live in a especially polluted region, then it is higher to cowl your extensions with a silk material continually and keep away from smoking.

    2. Unsuitable washing conduct - both over-washing and under-washing your hair extensions can reason excessive harm to them. If you do no longer wash your extensions nicely, then they will look terrible, grimy, scent lousy, and appear stupid and dead. On the other hand, if you over-wash the extensions, then this will extract the moisture from them and will make them dry. So, the nice manner out is to clean your extensions once in every week to maintain their appropriate health and look.

    3. The usage of harsh and over-drying merchandise - your hair stylist must have advised you to use moisture rich shampoos and conditioners which might be paraben and alcohol-free. It's far due to the fact products with high alcohol content material are harsh to the extensions can result in their extreme harm. So, make sure you are gentle to your extensions and use sulfate-unfastened and phosphate-free hair extension cleansers. Always take a look at product labels before using them.

    Four. Trimming or slicing the extensions - cutting or trimming the extensions is a good way to preserve the extensions. However over doing this practice will leave you with broken hairs with low duration. In case you comply with this practice often, then it is important to hydrate your hair using important natural hair oils. This will ensure that your extensions do now not get broken and are unfastened from all kinds of harmful radicals.

    5. Insufficient dealing with - you need to have brought clean, cuticle-unfastened, and silky hair extensions. However if you fail to deal with them nicely, then turns into frizzy, lack shine, or even lead to more tangles. Therefore, you want to offer a mild touch in your extensions. Use brushes and combs that with extensive enamel. Also, use bobby pins, rubber bands, or different hair styling products best whilst it's miles utmost necessary, as their use can bring about falling of hair extensions.



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