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    The Governments of Argentina and Uruguay must be most warmly congratulated on the vigour and promptitude with which they [url=][b] Shop NFL [/b][/url] faced the fact that, with the [url=][b] NFL Jerseys For Sale [/b][/url] declaration of war in Europe, they were suddenly left to their own [url=][b] Football Jerseys Cheap[/b][/url] resources to an extent they had never experienced during the few decades which really form the whole period of their true economic history.

    Lucky it was for [url=][b] New Jersey [/b][/url] Argentina that such a veteran statesman as Dr. Victorino de la Plaza occupied the Presidential chair, and that he had the aid of a man of such high intelligence and reputation as Dr. Carbó as Minister of Finance; fortunate also for Uruguay in having Dr. Viera (since elected President) at the head of her Ministry of Finance.

    Honour is [url=][b] Juventus shirt [/b][/url] also due to the Officials of the [url=][b] Cheap Jerseys [/b][/url] State Banks of both nations and to the private Banks and financiers who[19] lent such an untiring and efficacious aid to [url=][b] NFL Jerseys Cheap [/b][/url] both Governments in the hour of pardonable alarm; alarm which was prevented from developing into panic by the prompt and statesmanlike measures adopted. [url=][b] Cheap Basketball Jerseys NBA [/b][/url]

    Really, as Mr. C. A. Tornquist justly observes in an article cited in these pages, it cannot be said that a 鈥渃risis鈥?exists in a country [url=][b] spain national team [/b][/url] while [url=][b] Official NFL Jerseys [/b][/url] its vital forces are in full development.

    Still, in Argentina and Uruguay these forces had not for some time [url=][b] FIFA2018[/b][/url] been in full operation, from causes stated above; and, therefore, panic would not have been a surprising result from alarm falling on depression, before cool reason had time to assert its [url=][b] NHL Jerseys Cheap [/b][/url] reassuring influence.

    It soon did so, however, thanks to the virile and sound handling of [url=][b] NBA Jersey China [/b][/url] the situation by the heads of Government and Finance.

    Congresses assembled and their usually heterogeneous political [url=][b] New Jersey Lottery [/b][/url] elements unanimously and swiftly agreed to pass the several measures of economic defence placed before them.

    During seven days鈥?Bank Holiday the finance of both Republics was set in good order; not only to avoid ill consequences from the initial and any likely future [url=][b] NFL 2018 Jerseys [/b][/url] shocks, but to enable the countries to profit鈥攁s there can now be [url=][b] Cheap Jerseys [/b][/url] little doubt they [url=][b] Cheap NFL Jersey[/b][/url] are doing and will do鈥攆rom the political and economic disturbance of Europe.

    As Se?or Carlos F. Soares, writing in La Nacion (Buenos Aires) under date January 1st, 1915, said:鈥?

    The laws and financial and economic measures necessitated by the European conflagration have proved [url=][b] Basketball Jerseys [/b][/url] opportune and efficacious.

    Thanks to them, danger to the Credit Houses and Institutions was avoided; Internal and Foreign commercial pressure was lessened, the [url=][b] NFL Clothing [/b][/url [url=][b] Eagles Jerseys Cheap[/b][/url] ] gold stock in the 鈥淐aja de Conversión,鈥?which guarantees the value of the paper currency, was preserved; the escape of gold from the country was avoided; the lack of foreign bills of exchange [url=][b] Cheap Soccer Jerseys[/b][/url] was compensated for by deposits of[20] gold at the various Argentine Legations; shortage of coal and dearness of wheat and flour were foreseen; and, finally, means of obtaining its value were [url=][b] Cheap NFL [/b][/url] [url=][b] New Jersey [/b][/url] assured to the natural wealth of the country.

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