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    It might be thought that the vegetative [url=][b] NFL Shops [/b][/url] increase of such a hardy nucleus of native population would suffice for the Labour needs of the country. There are, however, many reasons for the fact that it does not. The chief of these [url=][b] MLB NFL Jersey Products [/b][/url] is the general refractoriness of the Indian to the process of [url=][b] Cheap NFL Jerseys 2018[/b][/url] education on the lines of the white races. You cannot by any means [url=][b] NHL Jerseys Cheap [/b][/url] make a white man out of an Indian any more than you can of a Negro. And the gaucho has usually more Indian (and Negro, from the slave days) blood in him than he has white.

    Unrivalled in the days when vast hordes of semi-savage cattle needed rounding up and cutting [url=][b] NFL Jerseys Shop [/b][/url] out with his lazo and boleadora, the gaucho has not always the patience nor the regard [url=][b] NBA Jersey China [/b [url=][b] New Jersey Lottery [/b][/url] ][/url] for detail needed for the care of prize Durhams, Polled Angus or Herefords; nor is he at his best with modern agricultural machinery. [url=][b] NFL Football [/b][/url] Neither does his character lend itself to the dull discipline expected and necessary on a farm to-day. He can no longer with impunity stay the extra day or two at the canteen to which his savings entitle him; and on the farm he [url=][b] Football Jerseys [/b][/url] finds himself confined to the more subservient work. Against all this his native pride rebels, and he gradually drifts [url=][b] Official NFL Jerseys [/b][/url] into the army or the police, where he is gradually being exterminated by the disintegrating effects of idleness and lack of the [url=][b] Cheap China Jerseys[/b][/url] hard physical exercise which kept his ancestors in health. A greedy meat-eater, he succumbs as often to stomach as to lung trouble.

    Population! In every other [url=][b] NFL Jerseys For Sale [/b][/url] way nature is most bountiful on the River [url=][b] Official NFL Jerseys [/b][/url] Plate. If only Argentina were more thickly peopled her wealth would be phenomenal in [url=][b] Cheap China Jerseys[/b][/url] the world. For it must not be thought that grain and cattle sum up the whole extent of her [url=][b] Cheap NFL Jerseys [/b][/url] possible productivity. Far [url=][b] Jersey Store [/b][/url] from it: her output has hitherto been confined to these commodities because they were so obviously those which most readily[16] yield immediate profits, without in the first place demanding any great outlay of capital or scientific acquirements. Cattle there have always been on the [url=][b] Jerseys [/b][/url] Pampa since the time of the Goes鈥?cows;[5] and as for grain, the virgin soil barely needed scratching for its growth. Thus cereal cultivation and cattle raising naturally became the [url=][b] NBA Jersey China [/b][/url] national industries, and the population has never been sufficient to attend even to all [url=][b] Jersey Store [/b][/url] the possibilities of these, let alone others. Nevertheless, there are many more which Nature has in store for these marvellous countries with their great variety of climates.

    Sugar (pretty badly exploited till recently), coffee, cotton, tobacco (already grown [url=][b] [url=][b] NFLshop [/b][/url] NFL Football [/b][/url] in the North and even, to a comparatively small extent, in the Province of Buenos Aires) and timber of many and valuable kinds are among the future produce of the Southern Republics; while the [url=][b] NBA Jersey[/b][/url] wool output of Argentina could be greatly increased.

    No lack of capital would be felt were there [url=][b] Arsenal shirt [/b [url=][b] NFL Jerseys 2017[/b][/url] ][/url] the necessary skilled management and labour available for the production of, leaving sugar and timber apart for the moment, let us say cotton and tobacco.

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