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  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 5:56am

    Night sweats in men are not nearly as researched orMember XXL discussed as those in women because most women experience this symptom during menopause. However, men are equally capable of experiencing sleep hyperhidrosis for a number of physical and psychological health reasons. Additionally, men also experience a period of hormonal change referred to as andropause. It is worth noting that men over 40 experience nocturnal hyperhidrosis far more frequently than younger men.Night sweats, also referred to as sleep hyperhidrosis or nocturnal hyperhidrosis, is an excessive variation of a natural process. Our bodies perspire to detoxify and to cool. Toxins are released through our pores as we perspire and out body's core thermostat triggers our sweat glands to help us reduce our temperature.

    A general cause of night sweating stems from the confusion of our hypothalamus, the part of our brain which acts like a thermostat, measuring our body temperature and sending directions to our body on how to respond to that temperature. Various hormones, diseases, foods and medicines can throw the hypothalamus off or at least affect the brain chemical norepinephrine which then throws our natural thermostat off.Foods that can cause sweating at night in men include read meat, garlic, onions and foods high in capsaicin the constituent which makes foods spicy. Beer and wine and other alcoholic beverages can cause nocturnal hyperhidrosis as well, but in a different way. Our bodies treat alcohol as a toxin, and thus when we consume it our body naturally tries to detoxify. And as I mentioned earlier, one of the functions of perspiration is to detoxify.


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