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    This diet however is not a weight loss diet but a detox diet which is Love Commands Review like being on a fast. Stanley Burroughs explained the diet in great detail in his book 'The Master Cleanser'. There is a lot of demand for this book as everyone who wants to follow the diet want to learn more about the details of the diet. He designed the diet basically to cleanse the body of all the toxic substances and not as a weight loss treatment. But as the toxins are removed from the body, the weight is reduced and also with the help of the diet one is able to alleviate various other chronic symptoms which have been bothering them.

    As the main organ that is targeted in this diet is the colon, it helps in avoiding any kind of digestive disorders and diseases. There are two ways in which one can follow the diet. They can either follow the diet for a span of three to five days or go on the diet for a period of ten days. But for people with a lot of toxic reserve, it is advisable that they go on for a forty day program. Generally, people say that the forty day period is not a safe one to follow and people can repeat the ten day program quite repeatedly to gain the benefits of the diet.

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